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Stroll leisurely through Kinasa while enjoying the natural landscape, food, culture, and history.

*Footpaths are small roads (paths) that can be walked (on foot) while enjoying the natural landscape of the region that remains as it was since ancient times. Originally from the United Kingdom, footpaths are now maintained throughout Japan showing off the characteristics of each region.

*Tani-no-Miyako Course (Walking distance 4 km, requires 1.5 – 2 hours)

This area is said to have once been where Kijo-Momiji once lived, and even now the area names, such as Higashikyo, Nishikyo, Nijo, and Sanjo, that once reminded Momiji of her beloved Kyoto, remain today. Don’t forget to get a look at the shrines, ancient homes, and fields that remain in the hamlets.

●Access to the start point

By car…Heading west to Hakuba from ‘Tabi-no-eki-Kinasa’ about 4km, you will find the Japanese inn Susobanakan on the left hand. When you turn right in front of Susobanakan, there is ‘Ryokyo bunkan (address: 13994-1 Kinasa Nagano-shi) where you can park your car.

By bus…Regional buses are available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Take the bus from Tabi-no-eki Kinasa bus stop (in front of Kinasa furusato museum) and get off at Higashukyo-guchi bus stop. If you are not confident with your leg strength or don’t have time, get off at the Kamo Jinja-mae bus stop and the bus will take you to the top of the hill. Click here for timetable.

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  • Higashikyo-guchi
  •  Kamo Shrine
  •  Higashikyo-sanjo
  •  Higashikyo-yonjo
  • Higashikyo-gojo
  •  Ushidaira
  •  Tsukiyo-no-haka・Dairi-yashiki-ato
  •  Kasuga Shrine
  •  Higahikyo-guchi
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