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City of the Valley KINASA

City of the Valley

Kinasa (鬼無里, Kinasa) is a quiet village located in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Familiarly known as the City of the Valley (Tani no Miyako), the area stretches along the headstream of the Susobana river and is surrounded by mountains.

City of the Valley

Kinasa covers an area of 128 square kilometers. Mountain forest accounts for 90% of the area and the remaining 10% is inhabited by roughly 1300 people.

The elevation of the roadside rest area (Tabi no eki Kinasa) is about 678 meters while Okususobana Nature Park, where you can explore the ancient beech forest and skunk cabbage colonies, is 1250 meters.

Thanks to the mountains and clean water and air, we have mountain vegetables in spring and edible wild mushrooms in autumn as well as the fresh seasonal vegetables grown by locals.

You can also enjoy Nagano’s traditional foods, oyaki and soba.

For those who enjoy walking, we offer “footpath” walking trails. Each footpath course takes 2-4 hours. We suggest you get a course map before you start walking. (Unfortunately, there are only a few indicators in English on the map.)

Staying in Kinasa is a great way to see and experience daily life in a Japanese village. We share borders with the well-known tourist destinations of Hakuba and Togakushi. But if you prefer a more peaceful and personal experience to the hustle and bustle, Kinasa is the place to be.

We hope you will savor the magnificent panoramic scenes from every mountain path and the stunning landscape that suddenly appears while traveling down the roads.

If you are interested in the history of the earth, the Okususobana Valley is a must-visit sight! There you can see spectacular strata geometric art. In autumn, colored leaves are pleasing to the eyes. (The road to Okususobana Valley is closed in winter.)

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