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Folk Museum

Folk Museum

If you’re in Kinasa for only one day, be sure to stop by Kinasa Furusato Museum (Kinasa Folk Heritage Museum) where you can learn about Kinasa's history, culture, and lifestyle in days gone by.

Highlights include festival floats adorned with exquisitely detailed wooden carvings

The Kinasa Folk Museum was opened in 1986 as a centre for the history and culture of Kinasa. The museum exhibits a wealth of materials, including;

  • Materials relating to hemp cultivation and tatami thread production, which were once the main industries of the village.
  • Matsuri yatai (festival floats) decorated with elaborate and exquisite techniques.
  • Works by Kitamura Shikai and Masanobu, sculptors associated with the village.
  • The simple statue of Buddha that has been preserved and handed down over time in the village.
  • Items left by Terashima Sohan, a Japanese-style mathematician who was born in Kinasa.
  • Exhibits on the natural resources of the Okususobana Valley and Okususobana Nature Park, including fossils and prehistoric geological materials.

When visiting Kinasa, it is recommended to visit the museum first!

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