Welcome to KINASA! -Nagano-


An e-bike is a sports-type electrically assisted bicycle. The electric bicycles can be used to tour the footpath courses in Kinasa, which have many uphill slopes.

If you arrive in Kinasa by bus from Nagano Station, you can rent a bicycle and enjoy the ruins of the Kijo-Momiji’s mansion, the footpath course and the one-day hot spring at Kinasa no Yu (Hot Spring), a short distance away.

レンタル受付は旅の駅鬼無里にある「そば処 鬼無里」まで


受付場所 そば処鬼無里
●営業時間 9:00~15:00
●お問い合わせ TEL: 026-256-2428 (そば処鬼無里)/ TEL: 026-256-3188 (鬼無里観光振興会)

レンタルできる時間は「そば処 鬼無里」の営業日、営業時間と同じです。

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